Our team of passionate creatives includes interior designers, architects, brand strategists, graphic designers, furniture designers, hospitality lovers, and experience seekers. We are experts in creating brands and environments from the inside-out.

We are fearless, forward-thinking and push boundaries from concept to construction to build designs for clients who think big.


kendall lowe partner

Kendall Lowe is Co-founder of PHENOMENA where she heads interiors, graphics and brand strategy. 

Her holistic, brand-driven approach to design combines research, demographics, history and narrative to help established and emerging brands tell their story, connect with people and build community.

She has developed an array of project types including restaurants, hotels, resorts, exhibit design, pop-up design, cruise ships, retail, and healthcare. 

Most recently, as Design Director for AvroKO, Kendall built the interiors division and led the integrated design process of Brand Bureau – a branding studio rooted in hospitality thinking and practice. 

With an Architecture degree from Cornell University, Kendall began practicing architecture and urban design at award winning global offices in New Zealand and Los Angeles before relocating to New York to become an Associate at Rockwell Group where she cultivated her passion for hospitality design and branding. 

Today, Kendall has taken this interdisciplinary background bridging brand strategy, interior design and architecture to create bespoke environments and experiences for PHENOMENA clients.  


kiki mobley partner

Kiki Mobley is Co-founder of PHENOMENA where she heads finance, operations and digital strategy. 

Kiki has managed finance and operations of architecture and interior design studios such as AvroKO and Rockwell Group across North America, Europe and Asia with oversight of over $1B in revenue. 

Most recently, as finance director for AvroKO, Kiki’s leadership helped the studio’s owned properties such as Saxon and Parole and Liquorette not only survive competitive restaurant markets but exceed profitability projections year over year. AvroKO's properties remain sustainable businesses outperforming industry standards – a testament to Kiki’s holistic inside-out finance and operations modeling.

With a Media Arts and Design background from James Madison University, Kiki began her career in digital radio, as a producer for radio legends like Ron & Fez as well as Cosmopolitan Magazine on SiriusXM. Today, Kiki has taken this digital communications passion and now applies it to building brand and social media communications for PHENOMENA clients. 

“Our mission is always to create the most authentic and memorable guest or consumer experiences. Whether its finance, infrastructure or more visible mediums, we don’t believe in doing things for conventions sake. We will always cut through the superfluous practices to provide results that are the most thoughtful, purposeful, and impactful.”


annabelle schneider

Annabelle is an interior designer with expertise in branding and spatial installation. Creating spaces with multi-sensory touchpoints to intensify user experiences is always her goal. Her empathetic and observational approach to the design process allows her to translate concepts into built environments that connect with the audience.

Prior to PHENOMENA, Annabelle spent several years as a branding guru before pivoting to physical space with design production and installations for high concept firm Snarkitecture as well as for Art Basel Miami.  

Annabelle’s upbringing in Switzerland surrounded by artists and other creatives, gave her early insights and knowledge, through osmosis, about design and the design process.  This, combined with her deep passion for music, led her to explore the relationship between space and sound.  Her aim is to bring out the soul of every project through the merger of senses. 

claire collage 2.jpg

claire shafer

Claire is an experienced hospitality designer known for conceptually rich and creatively layered interiors.  She has a keen eye for strong narrative inspiration, which she translates into design through a sophisticated use of artisan finishes, and site-specific artworks. She is equally comfortable in conceptual development at the beginning of the project as she is in the field during installation, where her quick reactions and creative problem-solving lead to beautifully finished spaces full of thoughtful detail. 

Claire’s approach to design is rooted in her architectural training by thinking about systems, abstract conceptual connections and history.  This process allows her to think holistically about the spatial experience, from the form, to the materials, down the minor details.  

Prior to PHENOMENA, Claire was a Senior Designer at AvroKO, where she led interiors projects including restaurants, bars and markets/food halls, often distinguished by creative use of vintage artifacts and custom art features and installations. Her projects included the Diageo World Class Bar, Barnes & Noble Kitchen, and the AvroKO-owned property, Liquorette.  

Claire’s passion is for experiences & human interactions.  She takes her learnings from food, people and places to discover how to contribute and make them better.  Her goal is always to create stories through design that inspire people, but also allow people to create their own stories from within the space.

Kara shadow.jpg

kara pinakis

Kara is a Graphic Designer and Brand Strategist known for expertly crafting stories and visual identities along with brand guidelines and art direction. While most Graphic Designers only have the ability to think in flat print terms, her background in Interior Architecture gives her the rare ability to visualize in both 2D and 3D. Her unique understanding of how graphics are experienced in space, and how identity can flex beyond traditional printed collateral, produces higher quality, more useful, environmental graphics.

Kara has developed brand strategy, brand identities, brand books, packaging, style guides, menus, illustrations, social media strategy and environmental graphics for various hospitality project types such as F&B, Hotels, and Retail.  

At her most recent roles, Kara was a hybrid Designer and Project Manager for Brand Bureau at AvroKO and Branding Manager/Lead Graphic Designer for Crème Design.  At Brand Bureau, she worked on the graphics team to create brand identities and design environmental graphics and collateral, as well as on the interiors team to develop strategy and concept packages, also acting as Project Manager across both teams.  At Crème, Kara was responsible for branding, strategy, naming, narrative, and copywriting on external projects, and re-branded the identity of the company itself, including logo and website design and all internal branded collateral.

Kara originally hails from Australia, where she garnered several years of experience at Architecture, Arts and Industrial Design firms before to moving to London to practice Interiors.  Her leap to New York landed her in Experience and Hospitality Design firms where she realized her passion for these niche industries and thrived.  Her global travels have fueled her yearning for research & discovery and have informed her taste level.  She is able to translate her findings into meticulously detail-oriented and considerate design.